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About IPL treatment

IPL treatment can improve some skin conditions and leads to clear and beautiful skin by irradiating light in a wide wavelength (520-1,100nm) called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).
The light reaches a wide range of the shallow layers of your skin, and is effective for age spots, freckles, dullness, and darkening on your entire face.
Individuals suffering from acne scars, ruddy face, and telangiectasia can expect IPL treatments to reduce the red pigmentation and smoothen the affected area.
The heat from the irradiated light acts deep within the skin to promote collagen production. After the treatment you will notice that your skin texture is improved, and the firmness and elasticity of the skin is enhanced.

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We use the latest light therapy device called Limelight from CUTERA Inc.
Limelight is a light (IPL) treatment device developed by Japanese doctors to match Japanese skin tones and skin types.(Non-Japanese patients require consultation.) It is less stressful on your skin and provides reliable results.
Limelight does not use strong lasers and does not puncture the skin, thereby minimizing damage to the skin.
The pain during irradiation is minimal, and causes less damage to your skin.
In some cases conventional laser treatment can leave small spots untreated but Limelight is characterized by the ability to effectively target the pigment in those spots, making them less noticeable.
Each irradiation takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
Limelight can be used not only for the face but also for the décolleté, back, and arms.
About three days after the treatment, the spots rise to the surface of your skin and become scabs, which naturally peel off.
Although a single treatment of Limelight can be effective, we recommend regular monthly treatments for five months to prevent the development of new spots and to help keep your skin brighter.

Price List

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Entire Face Course (5-times) ¥81,000 ¥49,000
1-time ¥18,000 ¥11,000
Backs of hands Course (5-times) ¥72,000 ¥41,000
1-time ¥16,000 ¥9,000
One part of your request 1-shot ¥1,000

★Face + Backs of hands Course (5-times) COMBO : ¥5%OFF

★Face or Backs of hands Course with another requested part 1-shot : ¥500