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About Meso-gun(U225)

Meso-gun is the latest miniature injector that injects beauty liquid medicine into your skin quickly, finely and evenly. It is effective for skin beautification treatments such as pore tightening, superficial wrinkle reduction, and skin firming/glowing.
It is possible to perform more efficient treatments according to your treatment goals.
Meso-gun is able to adjust the flow rate of the beauty liquid, the speed at which the needle moves in and out of the skin, and also the depth of the injection. This ensures the optimal delivery of the amount and location of the liquid drug into the skin, and results in less pain and discomfort as compared to injection treatments using conventional syringes.
Meso-gun can also be used to treat fine-skin problems such as superficial wrinkles, pores, and eyes, which are difficult to treat effectively with conventional products.
In addition to the direct effects of the liquid drugs, the stimulation of collagen production results in a dramatic beautifying effect on the skin.

Beauty Liquid Medicine

Meso-gun is a multipurpose medical skin treatment method. Different effects can be achieved depending on the medicine injected into the skin.
Treatment effects and results will vary between individuals. We use the 3 types of beauty liquid medicine below.

ASCE+  Exosomes

“Exosomes” supports the functions of various cells related to skin beauty.
For large pores, blackhead, ruddy face, skin dullness, skin anti-aging.

Recommended for patients experiencing or considering of...

  • Pore tightening / dark spots
  • Ruddy face / Skin dulless
  • Skin rejuvenation
1-time ¥88,000¥68,000
3-time ¥237,600¥184,000
5-times ¥352,000¥272,000


Antioxidant: Acetylcysteine, Niacinamide, Resveratrol
NEOFOUND is made of these three antioxidant: Acetylcysteine, Niacinamide, and Resveratrol, which are effective at lightning skin.
These also help firming and tightening the skin, and can reduce the appearance of superficial wrinkles.

Recommended for patients experiencing or considering of...

  • Sking lightening
  • Skin firming / tightening
  • Superficial wrinkle reduction
1-time ¥48,000¥33,000
3-time ¥129,600¥89,000
5-times ¥192,000¥132,000


Peptide (Amino acid) has various physiological vitalizing effects such as hormone production, as well as neurotransmission and antibacterial actions.
For wrinkle-reduction, skin moisturizing, and skin anti-aging.

Recommended for patients experiencing...

  • Superficial wrinkle reduction
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Skin anti-aging
1-time ¥26,000¥16,000
3-time ¥70,200¥44,000
5-times ¥104,000¥64,000