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About Beauty IV treatment

Beauty IV is a highly effective skin treatment that involves injecting active skin-lightning and beautifying ingredients directly into the blood vessels.
It not only beautifies skin but is also effective at helping the body recover from the effects of fatigue.

Type Price Details
Perfect cocktail ¥3,500 STAFF RECOMMENDED:)
Includes all the effects of the following IV drips.
Shira-tama ¥3,000 Skin lightening, anti-aging, fatigue recovery, hangovers, and overstress
BIHAKU ¥2,000 Skin lightening, Dullness removal
Anti-aging ¥2,000 To keep your skin young and healthy
Drowsiness, Fatigue recovery ¥2,000 For those who are tired from work and housework..
Garlic injection ¥2,000 To increase energy and vitality
Hangover recovery ¥2,000 Immediate effectivity is expected.
Acnes ¥2,000 To repel acnes and improve skin quality